The Team   

    Mince Pies istead of Biscuits    Toast    and Bread & Butter

    Neatly stacked    how many more loaves ?    Where's the operating Manual ?   You're in charge    Eggs 'Jasmine'    Eggs 'Becca'    Eggs 'Louisa'   Who needs 'Benedict' ?    Beans    Sausages    Mushrooms    and Porrige Tea, coffee & Chocolate    and Washing up    and charging mobiles    Ready for 'Service' chef    2 Sausage, 2 bacon, 2 egg & what ?    mushrooms  was his name Joshua or ?  now the washing up gets serious    all hands on deck Not both coffee & chocolate    Yes Mum both    Cereals    Porrige   Did you count the Cork Flakes    Do the mushrooms go on top    A bacon Butty    Add this up on your fingers   Five sugars !!    more washing up   and packing away    and drying up    but we'be donne it !    all of us together  just clean the kitchen    don't dribble it    or pour it    throw it  !!  and scrub    and wipe including the seats and mop  don't miss any 

and celebrate a good job well done