Loaves and Fishes

The parable of the loaves and fishes – feeding the 5,000 is one that is often quoted at Raunds Methodist Church.

I’m sitting down writing this having just returned from yet another successful roast lunch.

As a Christian community we see one of our main missions and outreach as providing hospitality not only for the church family but also for the wider community within Raunds and the surrounding area.

As part of this we run monthly lunches on the second Sunday of the month (no booking required apart from Christmas) and hence the frequent references to the above parable.  This month there were 45 of us some months it is nearer 70,  we never know how many we will cater for but there is always enough to go round.

We also support the Whitechapel Mission in London; they are open every day of the year providing breakfast to the homeless or those in hostels who otherwise would go hungry.  Each year we go down and participate in their breakfast challenge cooking and serving to those who need it – anything from 120-200 breakfasts at a busy time.

As a wider community there are lots of ways that we can care for each other on a daily basis.  Random Acts of Kindness are something that can be done on an individual basis and can be as small as a smile and acknowledgement of someone in the street, to offering to carry someone’s shopping or buying someone a coffee.  Recently when I was in London with a friend we were looking for somewhere to have lunch, a man selling the Big Issue commented on the quality of the food in the pub he was outside, we took his suggestion and went in to eat.  Whilst there we observed him offering directions to tourists, interacting with those walking by always with a smile on his face whether they bought his Big Issue or not.  After we had eaten we left the pub and bought a copy of the Big Issue from him and commented on his friendly nature – just taking time out to speak to him and treat him as a person made all the difference, especially when he told us there are times he is spat at and when people will swear at him.   We can all make someone’s day in a small way – it doesn’t have to be financial.

Let’s work together as a community to show that each individual member of our town is as important as the next.


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