Coronavirus Worship in the Chapel

Coronavirus - this is not the end but at least it's the end of the beginning.  The Chapel was opened for Public Worship in Sunday 6th September

Chairs spaced to comply with the regulations, masks, hand sanitiser (apparently by the gallon) and NO SINGING (just beautiful music) - Not what we would choose but we met in fellowship and shared time in the presence of our Lord and one another for the first time in six months.

We shall be open for future Sunday mornings but willl continue to publish our weekly 'Acts of Worship' for use at home by those unable to join us for whatever reason (these will be on this web page for your use) and there will be a weekly 'Zoom' Service at 6.00 pm each Sunday.

Wherever we gather to worship we take comfort that our Lord and Saviour is in our midst and will reach out to each one of us in our own particullar circumstances.

If you wish to talk to someone please contact us or the last four 'Home Worship' Services are available below for you to open.  Should you require any of those prepared for earllier use they are available upon request.

Coronavirus 2020.09.06
Worship at Home 06th September

Coronavirus 2020.09.13
Worship at Home 13th September

Coronavirus 2020.09.20
Worship at Home 20th September

Coronavirus 2020.09.27
Worship at Home 27th September