Christmas Lunch 13th December 2015

Early start - Turkeys in the oven by 7.30 am - Kitchen Crew hard at work by 9 with final matters, after much peeling (cups of coffee/tea), setting up (cups of coffee/tea), cleaning, washing up, folding napkins (cups of coffee/tea) finding the things which had been put away last year (where?) yesterday.  Everything under control for the morning  Service (including Baptism & Junior Church Nativity) at 10.30am.  Teas and coffees served after Service, set Tables moved into place and the right number of chairs out - collect one or two who need a car to fetch them - minor problem the elctricity has now gone off in the kitchen - something must have tripped out - fortunately at the kitchen end of the buillding only - no fault shown - minor panic becomes bigger!  Practicalities - we are more or less ready - much running around (some in circles) by the Kitchen Crew and despite no lights in the Kitchen and no power to any equipment there - Lunch is served to about 90 people more or less on time - choice of starter, full turkey lunch with all the trimmings followed by Christmas Pudding (or fresh fruit salad or jelly), coffee or tea with mint chocolates. The Kitchen Crew even sat down to eat



The Kitchen Crew even sat down to eat










 Pudding Plates being emptied











Satisfied 'customers'











A good time had by all under not perfect circumstances - exhaused Kitchen Crew who went home at 5.30 pm having washed up by hand (now we remember what life was like BD [Before Dishwasher]) mainly in the dark - no light in the Kitchen and there is no window!  Thanks to those who stayed behind and helped - we won't mention one crew mamber who excused himself an went off to sing somewhere else!


FOOTNOTE: Wednesday 16th - problem traced to faulty RCD which has been replaced - Normal service resumed