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    Welcome to our community at Raunds - a diverse mixture of folk
    some of whom have lived here all their lives and are truly 'locals' and others who have now settled here from various places in the British Isles and from around the world making a community working together to love the Lord and getting to know Him better as we work study and pray together
    Whether you are well advanced in your walk with the Lord or have only recently begun or are seeking we welcome you to join us so that we may journey and grow in our faith together



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    Ministers Monthly Musings

    August, it’s a funny time of year (even more so in light of all that has changed with Covid-19).  I don’t know how it was in your household but for us, prior to ministry at least, it was a chance for family life to slow down a little, as normal (but hectic) routines were replaced by holidays, good weather and a few outdoor adventures. 

    August also marked a period of transition.  Our son would not be looking forward to going back to school after the long Summer holidays, whilst we would be counting down the days till he did, as well as making sure we had all the new school equipment that was needed. This year August finds those who school learning has been interrupted, and we especially hold in our prayers those who will be receiving grades that will impact choices over six form, college, universities and job applications having had their exams cancelled. 

    On a more personal note, it is strange to think how four years ago August also marked the time when Andrew and I prepared to leave Market Harborough to come to the Nene Valley Circuit, and I would ask us to pray for all those who are preparing households this month as they move around the Connexion to once more enter new stations, circuits and churches.

    So my monthly musing is this: What is God preparing in us, as churches and individuals?

    Some preparations look reassuringly familiar: Circuit and Church meetings are being planned for the coming weeks as we prepare to resume worship back in our buildings, with the many pages of the risk assessment, and to plan for this next Connexional year, and the ongoing pastoral concerns will continue to be prayer-fully cared for.

    Some preparation look totally different: We will need to enter Church separately, sit apart (unless we are a bubble) and sing in the solitude of our own hearts, as we continue to work out together what fellowship and faith will look like in the coming months, whilst recognising that God will continue to meet us in all that is changed.

    For some of it we will look to ourselves as disciples.  We will prepare ourselves to smile once again, even though it might only be with our eyes (for we shall be prepared to wear our masks) when we glimpse Christ in both friend and stranger.   We will continue to love God and our neighbours in their need.  Supporting the most vulnerable through agencies such as food banks and shelters, and we must prepare ourselves to listen, and lament with those whose lives will never be the same again.

    For some of it we will look to each other as disciples.  We must prepare ourselves to undertake a spiritual assessment as the body of Christ; to ask what it is that God is calling us as church to be in this place; and let us be prepared to look creatively at all the ways in which we all can connect with our communities, in speaking and being good news for all.

    In all of this we will look to God: knowing that when we pray, praise and worship together, whether that be in church based or home based buildings, God’s presence is among us all preparing us, our hearts and our world for kingdom transformation.

    With blessings

    A prayer from Richard Teal President Methodist Conference

    Gracious God

    August is a month for holidays, for being refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Doing things differently, good weather, travel, feeling refreshed and renewed.

    For many this August will be very different.

    No holiday, little travel, wearing masks.

    The need to stop and relax and be renewed will be missed for many.

    We pray out of concern for those people.

    Bring to them in different ways the rest of mind, body and spirit.

    So as this month begins, we offer ourselves to you.

    As we look ahead to the days and weeks of August may we meet you in the commitments and people of these days.

    And may we know that the best of all is; God is with us.

    For we pray in the name of Jesus Christ



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  • Thought for the Day

    This phrase has been with us since the British Ministry of Information used it during World War 2, publishing a pamphlet that demonstrated to housewives how to be frugal, yet fashionable, as they lived with the day to day realities of harsh rationing.

    More recently the phrase has helped refocus the conversations around  the issues of waste, whether that be fast fashion, food waste, single plastic use and so on.

    However, I think it can also serve as an illustration for today’s Gospel Reading, when Jesus ‘makes do’ with five loaves and two fish and ‘mends’ the people’s physical hunger. (Matthew 14:13-21)

    The disciples on seeing the crowd that has followed them make the assessment that they do not have enough resources to care for them: 5000 was the count of the men, and they had brought wives and children, and yet Jesus knows that the disciples have all that is needed.  In fact, we soon discover that what they have (or is given to them) is more than enough, for twelve baskets remain, even after everyone is filled. 

    What I think is sometimes overlooked in this moment is that it is not Jesus who actually feeds the crowd, but rather the disciples.  Yes Jesus receives and blesses their offering, but then he gives it back them and the disciples share it among the crowd gathered - God can, and so often does, take the little we have; time, love, grace, talent, money etc and through the blessing of love grows a kingdom where hearts, minds and lives are mended, restored and filled with abundance. 

    We are the hands and feet through which God’s work is done in the world.  

    God does not work alone, but instead asks people like you and me to have compassion in our hearts and in our lives, inviting us on a journey in which we make do (even if we think we have little or nothing to give) and mend people in their need today, just like Jesus. 

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