Raunds Methodist Church


    Welcome to our community at Raunds - a diverse mixture of folk
    some of whom have lived here all their lives and are truly 'locals' and others who have now settled here from various places in the British Isles and from around the world making a community working together to love the Lord and getting to know Him better as we work study and pray together
    Whether you are well advanced in your walk with the Lord or have only recently begun or are seeking we welcome you to join us so that we may journey and grow in our faith together
    Our Sunday worship is at 10.30 am in the Chapel - if you are unable to join with us we can provide links to live streaming from other Services in the Circuit.  If there are 5 Sundays in a month we usually share worship (either at Raunds or at one of the other Chapels in the Circuit - please see the Church calendar for details)


  • This Week



    Over the last year Methodist’s from around the Connexion have been gathering to pray for the Methodist Church on Tuesday lunchtimes and they end with this, known as the breakthrough prayer

    God of love, God for all,
    your purposes are more beautiful than we can possibly imagine.
    Fill us with your Holy Spirit.
    Help us let go of all that holds us back.
    Open our lives and our churches to new seasons of humility and faith, of change and growth.
    Shake us up with the Good News of Jesus and show us the way.